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Item Description

Expert Slewing Electric Motor Pace Reducer


Our slewing reducer is a hardened face planetary gear reduction system created by our business according to the innovative overseas technologies with all gears adopting method. The reducer has attributes of compact construction, steady operation, substantial transmission efficiency, lower noise, prolonged services life, high trustworthiness, etc. these kinds of collection reducer can be equipped with torque motor, variable frequency motor and corresponding electrical handle program to represent RCV sequence slewing system and JHF sequence slewing system.
Recommended tower cranes are just for reference. For the particular configuration, the alternatives of mechanism design and amount are based on extensive variables which includes arm size, hoisting weight, are weight, provider setting and operating situation of tower crane.
Slewing Reducer

Variety Output torque Transmission ratio Crown shaving Mechanism
JH01 5000 141 10  12  +.32 OMD45,RCV95
JH02 12000 163.two 12  12  +.5 OMD85,RCV120
JH07 6500 176 10  12  +.32 OMD55,RCV95
JH08 6000 164.29 10  12  +.32 OMD55,RCV95


Efficiency Parameter Desk of JH Sequence Slewing Reducer

Item Code Efficiency Parameter

Output Equipment Parameter
(Customization is avaliable)

Excess weight

Parameters of RCV Collection matching torque Motor


Parameters of JHF Collection Variable Frequency Motor

Recommended Tower crane t.m
Ratio (N·m)
Rated Output Torque N.m
Rated Stalling Torque of the Motor
Rated Power of the Motor KW
JH07 176 6000 m=ten,z=twelve,x=+.32 90 75,ninety five 4.4,5.5 40~125
JH08 164
JH13 143 9000 m=ten,z=thirteen,x=+.five 130 95,a hundred and twenty 5.five 63~one hundred sixty
JH13C 162
JH02 163 12000 m=12,z=twelve,x=+.5 150 145,185 9 160~250
JH02C 192
JH17 200 18000 m=sixteen,z=12,x=+.five 240   11,fifteen 315~630
JH15 one hundred sixty 24000 m=18,z=14,x=+.5 410   eleven,15 450~900
JH10A 287 35000 m=twenty,z=12,x=+.five 860   18.4 900~2200
Recommended tower cranes are just for reference. For the specific configuration, the alternatives of system design and quantity are based mostly on complete manufacturing facility such as arm duration, hoisting excess weight, arm fat, serbice setting and functioning situation of tower crane


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Gearboxes go by several various names, such as gear drives, speed reducers, gear reducers, pace reducers, and equipment motors. All terms are employed interchangeably when referring to inline equipment reducers. Our inventory consists of a extensive selection of gear reducers for higher velocity, high precision applications with input speeds up to 4000 RPM.
Equipment reducers, also named reducers, appear in many transmission variations and are made to multiply torque and lessen enter velocity to a desired output velocity. The primary reward of inline gearboxes is their capability to preserve handle in programs involving substantial rotational speeds. Their efficiency and capability to supply large input speeds with small backlash make inline reducer gearboxes ideal for a broad variety of motion handle apps

China Hot selling Slewing Reducer Jh02 and Tower CZPT Gearbox     near me shop